lunch menu

Beef Bouillon with pancake €4.90

Fussili with basil pesto, parmesan and roasted pine nuts €9.90

Table Spitz with Krensoße, root vegetables and parsley potatoes €10.90

Red Fish curry with wok and Sesamreis €12.90

Flame pizza with pepper salami, chili and cheese €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Kirschschorle 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Bohemian Herb soup €4.90/with boiled €5.90

Mustard in Dijonsoße with braised cabbage and boiled potatoes €8.90

Venison goulash with cranberries and napkins dumplings €10.90

Salmon fillet with parmesan-herb crust on potato gratin €12.90

Flame cake with apple, cinnamon and sugar €8.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Elderberry blossoms Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Parmesan soup with croutons €4.90

Baked potato with broccoli, cauliflower and Béchamelsoße with mozzarella over baking €7.90

Beet stew with Salsiccia €9.90

Fried fish fillet with sauce tartar, lemon and cucumber potato salad €11.90

Flame cake with goat cheese, pumpkin and pumpkin seeds €10.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Lemon Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Minced leek Soup €6.90

Lettuce with gratinated pumpkin, beetroot and feta €9.90

Pink fried duck breast strips on blue cabbage salad with caramelized walnuts and orange fillets €12.90

Fish roll in zucchini coat on herb couscous €13.90

Flame cake with artichokes, tomatoes, salami and cheese €9.50 

Lunch table drink of the week:

Waldbeerschorle 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Pea Cream Soup €4.90/with Wiener Sausage €5.90

Lye pretzel-dumplings in forest mushroom ragout €8.90

Kale with pork/boiled and fried potatoes €10.90

Fried salmon fillet on cucumber-mustard-vegetables with dill-potato mash €12.90

Flame cake with leaf spinach and gorgonzola €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Apple-Herb Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Chestnut mushroom with nutmeg butter €4.90
Pumpkin lasagna with ricotta, walnuts and small salad €9.90
Beef roll with red and potato dumplings €10.90
Zucchini potato pancake with smoked salmon and dill yogurt cream €11.90
Flame pizza with mozzarella and fresh arugula €8.50/with Katen ham €9.50
Lunch table drinks of the week:
Matcha lemon Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Liver dumpling soup € 4,90 Caesar's salad € 8,90 / teryaki chicken € 10,90 Onion Roast with root mashed potatoes € 11,90 Tuna Burger with avocado, chili Slaw, Wasabi dip and thyme potato wedges € 13,90 Tarte Flambée with goat …

Lunch by the 16.10. -20.10.2017 Lentil soup € 4,90 / with sausage € 5.90 Cheese Spätzle with fried onions and a small salad € 8,90 Roast pork with warm cabbage salad and dumplings € 10,90 Salmon fillet in beer batter …

Lunch by the 09 -13.10.2017 Pumpkin beef soup € 5.90 Mustard eggs with Braised cabbage and boiled potatoes €8.90 Beef meatballs with cream Brussels sprouts and mashed potatoes € 10,90 Spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce and scampi € 13,90 …

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