Origin k.u.k.


Dear guests,

our K.u.K. Cafe there in March of 2009.

The term (kuk) is a pun from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from the 1867th

The first k. (Imperial) stood as an abbreviation for the title of Emperor of Austria, the second k. (Royal) for the title of Apostolic King of Hungary, the monarch of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. A k.u.k. Hoflieferant was in the Austro-Hungarian Dual Monarchy a service provider or dealer who had a special permit by imperial privilege to deliver his goods to the court. This title is only received when you were a leader in its industry in quality. The title was thus a seal of approval "highest" class or distinction. This claim, we try here to meet retail for you.

The coffee house was furnished with great attention to detail and the Franzl and Sissi watch over us, whether here also goes to all above board. Is also provided for your dining pleasure, of course, so just keep surfing and enjoy.