lunch menu

Herb Soup €4.90

Cheese noodles with roasted onions and small salad €9.90

Nuremberg Rusty sausage with wine sauerkraut and potato mash €10.90

Hamburger Labskaus €11.90

Flame pizza with salami, chili peppers and cheese €9.50

Lunch Table Drink:

Apple Herb Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Cream of mushroom soup €4.90

Herb Noodles (Austrian noodles with white cabbage) €8.90/with bacon cubes €9.90

Fiakergulasch with butter noodles €10.90

Zucchini Lasagna with salmon and spinach €11.90

Flame cake with Katen ham, chanterelles and spring onions €9.50

Lunch Table Drink:

Homemade lemonade (daily changing) 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Minced leek Soup €6.90

Vegetable lasagna with tomato sauce €9.90

Schnitzel "Wiener Art" with cranberries, cucumber salad and parsley potatoes €10.90

Cod fillet in herb sauce with dill potato mash €12.90

Flame cake with Katen ham and melons €9.50

Dinner drink: 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Flavored Water/iced tea (homemade)

Eierschwammerlsuppe with nutmeg butter €4.90

Braised paprika stuffed with couscous on yogurt sauce €9.90

Vitello Tonnato with roast beef, rosemary potatoes and wild herb salad €12.90

Tagliatelle Green/white with tuna, olives and tomato sauce €10.90

Flame cake with sheep cheese, avocado and beetroot €10.50

Dinner drink: 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Flavored Water/iced tea (homemade)

Asian chicken soup with coconut milk and lemon grass €6.90

Baked sweet potato with herby sour cream and mushrooms €8.90/with fried bacon cubes €9.90

Swabian dumplings with roasted onions and potato salad €10.90

Tuna burger with wasabi dip, Thai cabbage salad and roasted potatoes €12.90
Flame cake with leaf spinach and feta €9.50

Drink of the week: 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00 (flavoured water or iced tea, homemade)

Tomato soup €4.90 with mozzarella basil skewer €6.90

Napkin Dumplings in Eierschwammerlsoße €9.90

Backhenderlsalat MT seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds €10.90

Bouillabaisse (fish stew) €12.90

Flame cake with katen ham, spring onion and chanterelles €10.50

Lunch Drink of the week:

Kirschschorle 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Gazpacho (cold vegetable soup) with oregano-croutons €4.90

Burrata on tomato-peach salad with Thai basil €9.90

Cevapcici with tomato risotto and herby sour cream €10.90

Salmon meatballs on cucumber noodles with potato-dill-Stomp €11.90

Flame cake "Bruschetta" €9.50

Lunch Drink of the week: 

Apple-Herb-spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Cold cucumber soup with champagne €4.90/with smoked salmon €5.90

gratinated goat cheese on summer salad with melons and mango vinaigrette €10.50

Pork medallions in Eierschwammerlsoße with sweet potato mash €10.90

Maties fillet with mustard-honey-sauce and fried potatoes €11.90

Flame cake with pineapple, turkey breast, curry and cheese €9.50

Lunch Drink of the week:

Strawberry Lemon Spritzer 0, 2l 1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Carrot Potato soup with sausage €5.90

Vegetable meatballs with herby sour cream and small salad €8.90

Coq au vin (chicken in wine) with parsley potatoes €10.90

Fried Saiblingsfilet on Savoy salad with avocado and pomegranate €12.90

Flame cake with goat cheese, honey and fresh figs €10.50

Lunch Drink of the week:

Elder Blossoms Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Cream of paprika with croutons €4.90/and chicken skewer €6.90

Broccoli cauliflower gratin with mozzarella €8.90

Sliced of pork with mushrooms and butter noodles €10.90

Fried Pike perch fillet on spinach leaves with ribbon noodles and chives-dill sauce €12.90

Flame cake with smoked salmon, Krensoße and red onions €10.50

Lunch Drink of the week:

Passion Fruit Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

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