lunch menu

Paprika-Coconut Soup €4.90

Cream spinach with fried egg and boiled potatoes €8.90

Fried Chicken salad with seed oil and roasted pumpkin seeds €10.90

Pannfisch in Dijon-mustard sauce with rosemary potato columns €12.90

Flame cake with smoked salmon and spring onions €9.50

Lunch Drink of the week:

Strawberry Lemon Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Minced leek Soup €5.90

gratinated cauliflower and broccoli with Béchamelsoße and mozzarella €8.90

Chicken Fricassee with Basmati rice €10.90

Salmon-spinach-lasagna with small salad €11.90

Flame cake with anchovies, tomatoes, olives and red onions €9.50

Lunch Table Drink:

Apple Herb Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Frittaten Soup €4.90

Herbal couscous with caramelized carrots and mint yogurt €8.90/with smoked trout €10.90

Spaghetti bolognese with Parmesan €9.90

Table pointed with Krensoße, root vegetables and parsley potatoes €11.90

Flame cake with marinated anti-pasti vegetables €9.50

Lunch Drink of the week:

Lemon Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €4.00

Lentil soup €4.90

Pasta All ' arrabbiata €7.90

Beef meatballs with cream sprouts and beet mash €10.90

Fried salmon fillet with lemon, tartar sauce and rocket potato salad €11.90

Flame cake with pears, beans and bacon €8.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Waldbeerschorle 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Mushroom cream soup with nutmeg butter €4.90

Herb noodles €8.90/with fried bacon cubes €9.90

Goulash with butter dumplings €10.90

Salmon fillet with herb crust on potato gratin €12.90

Flame cake with turkey breast, pineapple and curry €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Elderberry blossoms Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Chicken Soup €5.90

Goat cheese-tomato-quiche with small salad €8.90

Turkey rolls on peas-potato mash €10.90

Fried cod fillet with parsley gnocchi and paprika ragout €12.90

Flame pizza with mushrooms and gorgonzola €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Ribiselschorle 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

French onion soup with cheese over baking €5.90

Lazise-potato salad with pumpkin seeds and fried mushrooms €8.90/with Speckkrusteln €9.90

Herb rolls (stuffed with beef chop) with potato mash €10.90

Fried Pike perch fillet on herb lemon risotto €12.90

Flame Pizza with Katen ham, mozzarella and fresh rocket €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Kirschschorle 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Sweet potato-coconut soup €4.90/with Shrimp spit €8.90

Caesar's Salad €8.90/with Teryaki chicken €11.90

Wiener Art schnitzel with lemon, cranberries and cream cucumber potato salad €10.90

Penne with salmon cubes in white wine-mascarpone sauce €11.90

Flame cake with goat cheese, honey and rosemary €10.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Raspberry Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Corn Cream Soup €4.90

Stuffed paprika (vegetarian) with tomato sauce €8.90

Swabian mouth pockets with fried onions and potato salad €10.90

Herring with apple-onion sauce and fried potatoes €11.90

Flame cake with tuna, olives and red onions €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week: Apple-herb Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

Cream of zucchini soup €4.90/with Salsiccia €5.90

Baked Camembert with cranberries and small salad €8.90

Scaloppine in marsala sauce with parmesan potato mash €10.90

Tuna burgers with rosemary potato crevices and Asian cabbage salad €12.90

Flame cake with leaf spinach and gorgonzola €9.50

Lunch table drink of the week:

Lemon Spritzer 0, 2l €1.50/0, 4l €3.00

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