Evening menu from 15 April 2019

Three-tone menu and small night music
Monday to Friday 17:30-20am 00.

We have two Reservation times to allow enough Time to enjoy Your chosen Menu or dish to the Fullest: 17:30 or 18:30.

We take reservations online or by phone.

We offer you a three-tone menu (2 or more 3-course menu) or the small night music from the evening menu, plus harmonizing wines.
The K.u.K. Gourmet house composer conducts exclusive culinary masterpieces to your plates. With our suppliers, as with all other things, we make sure that they are the original K.u.K. Court supplier privilege to cater from the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The Elbphilharmonie can be reached within 5 minutes of walking by the menu. Reservations now via reservation form or by phone.

KuK Abendkarte